Sunday, 22 September 2013

Extending the Knot Garden

Ann and Alan were with us for the weekend, but as they had to set off home after breakfast, we've had a day getting on outside. We're going to try planting the overwintering alliums in the knot garden, from now on, to give ourselves a little more flexibility in getting the autumn brassicas into the ground. This year, several of these (notably the romanesco cauliflowers and sprouts) went in a bit late, because the onions and garlic were late, because of the spring. It doesn't look, now, as though the sprouts and caulis are going to do very well.

So, if we get the overwintering onions into the herb garden, the brassicas can be planted out as soon as they're big enough, instead of waiting for their space to be free. To that end, we lifted enough turf for half a dozen more 'knots', and started digging it over. The ground's horrible, though: full of stones, and so we were only able to finish two. Fortunately, that's enough space for sixteen elephant garlic, and 25 'Pink Germidour' garlic. The onions will have to wait another week.

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