Thursday, 22 October 2015


A day off for me, and along list of bits done. I've repaired the latch on the door into the utility room (wasn't staying shut); got to the bottom of the inaccessible CCTV (I hope); fixed a problem on the LAN (invisible switch due to mismatched subnet address, which seems to have been causing access points to drop out); constructed a threshold step into the preservatory, now that we're more certain about plans to enclose the porch (more on that later); and plasterboarded above the windows on the front wall of the preservatory (including some roof-space insulation). These last two tasks should make the room considerably less draughty, which is important as the autumn proceeds.

On my way home from taking Liz to work, I also collected five big bags of leaves, which will get stowed away somewhere for a year or two, to become lovely, marvellous leafmould.

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