Sunday, 20 March 2016


On Friday, I travelled down to near Ely, to spend the weekend with Ann, Alan, and their two boys. They moved home a couple of months ago, from near Newmarket, to an 1888-built rectory. It is a fabulous building, with high-altitude ceilings and dado rails, picture rails, and mouldings, all of which I love, so I forgave them for putting me in the servants' quarters in the attic.

Saturday was a reasonably warm, and dry day, so we went out to Anglesey Abbey—which, actually, we went to last time we visited, in February 2015. I appear to have completely failed to note our trip, but it was 21-22 February, and we bought a few 'George' irises which are looking good about now.

Anyway, this time, I bought three hellebores H. lividus, which have really interesting foliage markings, and smaller flowers; and three named snowdrop varieties which were well discounted.

We also admired their leafmould.

Leafmould heap at Anglesey Abbey (© Ian 2016)

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