Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ideal Home

Yesterday I went to the Ideal Homes Show at the Trafford Centre, with my parents. I've never been to either show or centre, so it was interesting from that perspective, and the show was fun.

There were a lot of good exhibits—from one or more of a culinary, practical, or aesthetic standpoint. For instance, reasonable fakes of timber framed windows in uPVC.

Sash window (© Ian 2016)

Candle holders fashioned from the oak stave of a barrel (© Ian 2016)

A rather high-class summer house (© Ian 2016)

Modern take on Victorian tiles (© Ian 2016)

An array of quilted upholstery (© Ian 2016)

A TV unit that could fit in to a more traditionally furnished room (© Ian 2016)

Wood fired pizza oven! (© Ian 2016)

Inside a summer house... (© Ian 2016)

...with a quirky exterior (© Ian 2016)

Today, Liz and I actually went back to the Trafford Centre for shopping purposes. And an ice cream.

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