Monday, 1 August 2016


It's been a long weekend for us, including a day trip to Leeds to go bowling with my family. But we also made a trip to the garden centre on the way somewhere else, intending to pick up slug pellets.

We did manage to get the slug pellets...

A shopping trip for sundries (© Ian 2016)

...and a few other bits. It turns out that they had a lot of climbers 50% off. And we need climbers for the pergola that's going along the sides of the driveway, so it seemed opportune. No, the pergola isn't built yet. Details, details...

We also got some heavily reduced sedums (which are always good value), and some purple sprouting broccoli plugs (ours didn't make it, for some reason, and they'd be missed in the kitchen garden over winter). There was also a nice variegated Chlorophytum which I fancied, and a few ivies to plant around my new(ish) Calathea in the Victorian plant stand in the sitting room, to soften it a bit.

Anyway, the climbers: variegated jasmine, golden hops, climbing hydrangea, and a grape. No, I don't expect a crop; but the leaves are pretty, and they get good colour progression through the seasons, so it'll earn it's place.

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