Sunday, 4 September 2016


It's been a weekend bracketed by visitors: Katie and son were here Friday night, and back again tonight, breaking up a journey to the north east. Liz's parents were here for the day today, coming up for fosterling contact.

It's been good to see them all, and we've had a nice time today, especially. Yesterday was more practical, making huge progress on the workshop. We've tried to get the room sorted many times before, but have never quite got it to a point of tidiness with workspace left— there's always simply been too much stuff.

This time, though, I think we've got it under control. For one thing, this is the first attempt since the massive amount of DIY work that started in 2014 when we insulated the walls. We only have relatively small jobs to finish in the house, which means that my stocks of material and supplies have dramatically reduced. I only have a couple of cans of expanding foam, now, down from a couple of dozen. And a mere three cases of screws.

So I'm not exactly underequipped, but there's considerably less than when we had eighty-odd plasterboard sheets, rolls of insulation, dozens of timbers, cans and cans of sealants and foams, and a score of bags of plaster.

We also finally installed a wall full of shelves above the worktop that backs onto the preservatory, which is the things that's really made a difference, as it's enormously increased the storage space. There's still a number of things to sort, including a couple of the cupboards, which I think might get seriously culled. Ideally, I'd like to get the shelved workshop clear to have tools on, and the other worktop permanently clear, so that you can actually work on it. I'd really like to get a table saw, and a spindle moulder, which would enable us to make a much greater range of things. Another half day tidying, and I think we'll be in a position to decide whether that's achievable.

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