Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Paths and Pumpkins

It's been another day's hard work, getting paths cleared and gravel put down. We had a lighter moment to start with, putting Sir Maurice the Black, who we acquired at Hampton Court, into position in the mulberry bed. (The mulberry, of course, is a Morus nigra.)

Sir Maurice the Black in the mulberry bed (© Ian 2017)

After that, I finished tidying up the path down the games lawn, and put suitable edging to keep the gravel in place down each side, before tipping a few barrows of gravel on to it.

Path along the games lawn (© Ian 2017)

Meanwhile, Liz was hard at work clearing paths in the colour wheel, and so I was also able to finish two paths there (the short one top left in the photo below, but not visible; and this one). As we work along the bottom edge of the colour wheel, I'm going to lay flat stones next to the edging (the mini fence made from split chestnut), so that I can mow right up to it. This will also make the transition from lawn to gravel, which you can see here.

Long path in the colour wheel (© Ian 2017)

After a long day outside, we carved our pumpkins and retired to the sofa.

Carved pumpkins (© Ian 2017)

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