Sunday, 24 March 2013


We've had a pleasant weekend in Ludlow, although we were a bit house-bound due to the snow. Nonetheless, we got a few things done, and managed to make it to the market (nine new hellebores (H. niger), as I can't resist the stalls).

We've now struggled home: roads are fine until you come off the motorway, and then they deteriorate rapidly. The car's parked in the village, and we've walked the last two miles home: the lane has enormous drifts, up to six feet deep, and twenty long, and there are bigger ones on the uncleared roads around us. Fortunately, Chris has used his tractor to break a path through the lane, which makes it passable on foot, although I wouldn't try the car.

Commutes this week are going to be a little tiresome. Spring can't break out soon enough!

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