Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Orchard Maintenance

A day off, for us both, and we've had quite a varied day, on the hillside and in the garden. We've sorted out most of the patio pots, and planted up a number of things that were a bit crowded. The mulch that Liz moved onto the hillside a while ago has now been spread; on top of cardboard in the nursery bed and apple walk, and under the membrane around the small Hessle, and the mulberries, sweet chestnuts (which didn't actually have membranes, we realised...), and walnuts. We've then used some part-rotted chippings to cover the rest of the nursery bed, so the whips don't get swamped. These have been really succesful: there are three Hessle pears, two each of Crabbie's Seedling, and Crimson Superb (that's 100% of the apple and pear grafts, as I took three of each of these, and one of each apple went straight into the apple walk); as well as one of each quince Ivan and Vranja, and a medlar Dutch. That's not bad: I need to decide whether to try again with the medlar Royal, or buy a Flemish Giant, instead.

The quince in the garden is coming into leaf: I have hopes it might not only flower (which it did, lightly, last year), but perhaps set some fruit.

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