Sunday, 9 August 2015


We spent yesterday morning in Haworth, where Philip and Rachel are staying this week. They're in a rather nice cottage on the main street, in easy reach of all the sweet shops (and less easy reach of, say, supermarkets). We went on a circular walk south to Oxenhope, then back,  taking in the river, railway, Three Chimneys house, and coming in to Haworth through the churchyard.

In the afternoon, we painted the garage floor. On Wednesday, we sanded it down, and I sealed the gaps between the boards, and it's now getting two coats of decking paint. This has the advantage of not needing priming, and being waterproof enough to mop, later, if we need to.

Today's been a day of sorting and tidying. The garage now has curtains, as well as a cleaner floor, and we've spent a good while in the garden. We've dug up all of the Lady Christl potatoes, which have done well, and replanted the space with various brassicas.

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