Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Apple Walk Training

This weekend we've had Liz's Scarborough grandparents visiting, on their way down to Ludlow to visit her parents. It's been lovely to show them round the house and garden, as it's been a couple of years since they saw it, and it's changed a lot.

This afternoon, after they'd set off for Shropshire, we did a bit of work on the apple walk. I needed to add the next tier of wire (above the rebar 'hand rail'), and tie in a number of new shoots. A couple of the apples have now got past the new tier (the fourth), which is excellent, although they'll get cut back down to it in February, to prompt side shoots to break.

We also painted the sheds, which needed a top-up, but then rain stopped play, so we had to call it a day.

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