Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Colour Wheel Patio

It's the start of a week off, and we've spent Saturday repainting and reconstructing the arbour, which we brought with us when we moved. It's been lying, dismantled, in front of the beech bench, since we took it down ready to dig over the colour wheel and lay drainage. We started painting it (the bits we wouldn't be able to do once assembled) on Friday night, finishing by torchlight; on Saturday we put it up and finished painting it.

First, though, we had to lay a patio. We shifted the rather uneven surface stones and bricks around, to get a level surface, and have then poured about 1250kg of sharp sand onto it, tamped it down, and placed the roof stones we found, and moved out of the way in March (25th). There aren't enough to lay a complete surface, but there are enough, and the sharply drained gaps we've planted with herbs. We'll need a few more, but they're looking good, and should grow to fill the spaces next year.

Once the patio was laid, and pointed, we rebuilt the arbour, and returned the two clematis in their (fake) lead planters to alongside it: which means the colour wheel is finally completed.

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