Thursday, 17 September 2015

Roof and Sausages

We received our half pig, and have spent the day getting it sorted out. We set a number of joints soaking into a beer brine (same as last year, a Wiltshire cure) and made a batch of brawn (as per last year).

Sausages were 3.4kg of pork, 540g of oats, plenty of black pepper, 750g of chopped apples, 4tbsp of fresh herbs, and 40g of salt.

This year's black puddings were poured into beef middles. Same recipe as last year, with an extra 200g of oats, funnelled into the skins, and the poached for ten minutes or so.

While all this was going on, my builder has re-attached the roof ridge tiles (which were just sitting there, balanced, with the mortar decayed). He's taken some photos from the roof, too, which are rather a fun perspective on the garden.

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