Wednesday, 9 September 2015


On the way home from work, we picked up a gallon of pig's blood, as our half-pig went to slaughter today. For once, I was also able to pick up the pluck, which I don't normally get, so I've been able to freeze this (separately, as liver split into three; heart; and cubed lungs (or 'lights')). The blood's frozen as 500ml portions, which defrost easily to make black pudding when we get the rest of the carcase.

Once we were home, I went up onto the roof of the utility room extension, to repair some flashing where the soil stack goes through the roof. The bitumen seal has worn out, and there was a significant gap, which has been soaking the roof timbers. I think I've made good, so the stones should be weatherproof for the winter.

While up there, I also needed to clear the downpipe for the main house gutter at the kitchen end. I cleared out the other end a month ago, and it turns out this one was blocked, too. Good job to have done before autumn: the bends right at the top were completely clogged with soil.

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