Saturday, 1 October 2016

Baking and Bottling

We've taken this week off work, and have nothing 'serious' planned for at least the first five days: we're just taking them as they come, and doing what we fancy. So far, that's involved mainly food and drink.

I started a batch of blackberry brandy. I don't appear to have noted the last batch (or two, actually), which was a blackberry and cinnamon. On trying it, I'm not convinced by the cinnamon, sadly, so I'm probably going to leave the bottle to Liz to finish (who loves cinnamon), and I'll go back to making plain blackberry, which this new bottle is. I shall have to limit myself to other liqueurs until about Christmas.

This was not the extent of our cinnamon adventure, though, as we also made a batch of cinnamon rolls, using a different recipe to our last attempt. These are better, but need a little work. It's hard work, this product testing.

Cinnamon roll with vanilla icing (© Ian 2016)

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